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Opportunities for Postdocs & PhD candidates

We are making a new lab, funded by the German Research Foundation! The lab is going to begin operations in January 2021 as part of the Institute for Psychology at the Humboldt University in Berlin Mitte. As a group, we will aim at understanding the cortical organization of working memory storage and it's consequence for human cognition. We will be using behavioral methods, fMRI, EEG and machine learning based analyses (like multivariate pattern analyses, MVPA).

I am looking for scientists on the postdoc, PhD and master student level with a healthy mix of skills in experimental design, programming, writing and graphics design (in this order of priority).



In particular, I am looking for:

  • a good understanding of how to identify confounds and caveats in psychological and neuro-cognitive experimentation.
  • math and programming skills (e.g. MATLAB, Python) for designing experiments (e.g. in Psychtoolbox) and analyzing data (e.g. SPM).
  • academic writing and presentation skills (in English) ranging from literature management and attention to details in prior work to concise description and argumentation.
  • the ability to visualize complex data and concepts in a clear and compact form.

These skills are inevitably interdependent and as a member of the team our goal would be to broaden and deepen them during the course of your work in the lab. Prior experience in (1) working memory research or in research into on of it's neighboring fields (e.g. long-term memory, attention, perception, object recognition) as well as (2) fMRI or related neurocognitive methods (EEG, TMS, intracranial recordings) is a plus!

My goal is to form a lab that chips away happily at the mountain range that is human cognition. I want to work in a lab that is inclusive, supportive, family-friendly and commited to lastind discovery. The time we spend as a group should be worth it for each and everyone of us, both personally and professionally.

If you are interested in joing the lab, contact me (tbchristophel@gmail.com). Official job postings are coming soon.

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